Top Teacher – Alicia Montes

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Edwards, CA WW/Press/October 16, 2019 – Alicia Montes, Teacher with Irving L. Branch Elementary was selected for inclusion into the Top Educators of America 2019-2020 by The Who’s Who Directories.

“I am open-minded to new things that come my way.” – Alicia Montes

Alicia Montes is a 1st grade teacher at Irving L. Branch Elementary which is located on an Air Force base for the last nine years and an educator for 13 years. She likes to manage her classroom teaching by dividing into small groups of 3 to 4 children as this gives her the opportunity to work with students individually while focusing on their academic or behavioral issues. Ms. Montes is known to wear many hats on campus such as a union site representative, inductions program mentor, PTO teacher liaison, first grade team lead, and STEM after school co-coordinator. She had also been the school sites Student Study Team Coordinator, Field Day Coordinator, as well as utilizing community outreach to get the public (many military related) into the school and classrooms. In addition, Ms. Montes started a running club that promotes good health and wellness for students. Ms. Montes has gone beyond her scope of the school site by creating a teacher networking group (2 Skoops of Knowledge; can be found on social media) in her community so that educators from early childhood up to college have a safe place to discuss important matters, as well as educate themselves by having speakers discuss topics such as teacher burnout, behavioral issues, and special education. Her secret to success is that she goes above and beyond to serve her students, school, and community. She wants to make sure everyone plays a part in the success of our future leaders.

Ms. Montes has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies, a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instructions, and has a Teacher Credential (accreditation ) in California for Multiple Subjects.

Ms. Montes was honored as a 2016-2017 “Teacher of the Year” for excellence in teaching.

Ms. Montes says she owes her success to her family, especially her dad, for her ability to get through college and other life events to follow her young girl dreams of becoming a teacher. Their love and support has always been an important factor in her life. She currently lives with her blended little family and adores it. The love of her life has encouraged her to look beyond her view and become an even better educator and thinker. His support and love is also something that she values.

The Top Educators of America, a New York based publication, distinguishes and profiles leading educators throughout the United States who demonstrate recognizable success and leadership in their field. The site is valued for promoting awareness of individual accomplishments and achievements of Educators across America.


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