Top Educator – Lisa Ader-Miller

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Vincennes, IN/Press/January 8, 2020 – Lisa Ader-Miller, Assistant Professor with Vincennes University was selected for inclusion into the Top Educators of America 2019-2020 by The Who’s Who Directories.

“I fully believe that every student has a story to tell. I respect them and guide them using their talents. There is no book or program that can teach students, it’s about building relationships so students want to learn. I believe my students are smart and they believe they are too.” –  Lisa Ader-Miller 

Lisa Ader-Miller is a professor in the education department at Vincennes University. She has taught at the University for two years and has been in the field of education for 35 years. She spent one year on the Vincennes University campus before they had a 4-year educational program. She attributes her success to attending Indiana University and being a part of this campus. Ms. Miller is proud to work with future educators. As one student is quoted as saying, from the first day Ms. Miller walked into the classroom they knew that they were going to learn a lot. “She has given me so much insight for when I become a teacher and has washed away several of my worries about not being a good teacher. I am truly thankful that I came to VU and met all my wonderful professors there. Thank you Lisa for shaping my mind to become an effective teacher.”

Ms. Miller received a Masters in Science Education – Special Counsel for Exceptional Children and Bachelor of Arts in Science and Education – Special Education from Indiana University.

Ms. Miller received the WTHI TV Golden Award in 1997 and received the education award in Excellence from the Crystal Dehlann Association and the John Wooden Education award for Excellence.

When Ms. Miller is not teaching, she spends her time with my husband and grandchildren making precious memories. she enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures. Another of her favorite pastimes is reading.

The Top Educators of America, a New York based publication, distinguishes and profiles leading educators throughout the United States who demonstrate recognizable success and leadership in their field. The site is valued for promoting awareness of individual accomplishments and achievements of Educators across America.



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