Top Teacher – Catina Thomason

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Jacksonville, FL WW/Press/February 4, 2020 – Catina Thomason, Teacher with Biscayne High School was selected for inclusion into the Top Educators of America 2020 by The Who’s Who Directories.

“Children don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Catina Thomason 

Catina Thomason teaches special education 9-12 at Biscayne High School. Ms. Thomason makes sure her students are comfortable and have an understanding of their school lesson. She is always there to help assist them with their everyday needs.

Ms. Thomason received a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry from North Carolina Central University, a Teachers Certificate in Special Education from East Carolina University. Ms. Thomason will receive a Masters in Educational Leadership from North West University next year. She is a member of The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) a professional association for all educators.

Ms. Thomason was honored and recognized as “Teacher of the Year” 2017-2018.

The Top Educators of America, a New York based publication, distinguishes and profiles leading educators throughout the United States who demonstrate recognizable success and leadership in their field. The site is valued for promoting awareness of individual accomplishments and achievements of Educators across America.


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  1. Patrice Mangum | March 1, 2020 at 6:07 pm | Reply

    We, your family, enjoy seeing you shine and seeing you happy with using your God given gifts to bless children. Congratulations on being named Top Teacher. This platform will elevate you to higher heights and give you more ways to bless children and God’s Kingdom. Keep letting your light shine.

  2. I found Top Teacher – Catina Thomason very educational.

    I want to share with you how my children learned to love the piano:
    Kisses!! 🙂

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