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Frequently asked questions –

 Q:  Who is the Top Educators of America?

A:  The Top Educators of America is an on-line and print media/marketing company which recognizes the accomplishments of educators across the United States.  We maintain an on-line platform to showcase the achievements of top educators and publish an annual hard cover directory.

Q:  How was I selected? Why did you call me? How was I chosen?

A:  If you received a phone call, that means you were nominated to appear in the edition.  Someone recognized your achievements, filled out the nomination form and submitted it to us.

Q: Does it cost anything to be recognized?

A:  There is no cost associated with your recognition.  Every selected educator receives an honorable listing on our site and that page will optimize under a search of the educator’s name.

Q: Is this really an honor?

A:  Yes!  All selected educators that appear in the Top Educators of America have been included by a nomination process only.  Upon receipt of a nomination, our editors assess the educator’s impact within the educational community. This includes a review of years of service, educational background, remarks by the nominator as well as an interview with the nominee.

Q:  How do I add my picture or full biography in lieu of my honorable listing?

A:  We do give you options to expand on your listing.  The programs allow you to add your photo, profile and much more.  If you would like to support our mission to recognize top educators, you can choose a program and enhance your listing.